Thursday, March 06, 2008

High on Nigh on Time to Report

Anticlimactically, here be my second "Garn Studio" Jacket:

Pattern: heavily modified Garn Studio Jacket
Yarn: several (possibly 6 or 7) hanks of Manos del Uruguay
Mods: see my first version of the Jacket


What I like about this one:
As a friend of mine likes to point out, Malabrigo has got nothing on Manos del Uruguay. My experiences with each lead me to believe that:
1 - Malabrigo is yummily soft and lovely-ily coloured
2 - Manos is not quite as soft, but just as lovely-ily coloured

3 - Malabrigo's orange (at least the Sunset shade I used) is not a set dye!
4 - Manos has never given me unset-dye issues

5 - Malabrigo seems more evenly spun
6 - Manos has bothered me in the past because you'll get the odd very thick/thin bit

7 - Malabrigo's softness makes me fear it will felt simply through my wearing it
8 - Manos seems a bit sturdier


What I don't like about this one:
Rather stupidly, I placed the button-holes too far from each other, causing an unattractive bulging-open flap right beneath the bust down to the waist. I'm sure this will be easily remedied with a well-placed hidden button below the flap.

And this concludes my top-down, large-collared, woolly jacket love affair of the winter.


soknitpicky said...

VERY beautiful. Congratulations!

Kai said...

it's a beautiful colour and the pattern changes make it a fantastic fit jacket! :)

Shannon said...

mmmmm...i've already been thinking about the second one, even though i'm not quite finished with the first (based on your mods)! i had some ripping to do, but learned a lot about how the math works on a top-down raglan. anyway, i think this pink looks great on you, and appreciate the report on malabrigo vs. manos. i've always had major pilling issues with the manos, though.

Glenna C said...

OOOoh, so pretty! And the colour and texture and everything all together, so yummy...Great mods. You're probably right about the button, quick fix with an inside one.

Mom IsAmagpie said...

That is amazing! I love the style of that coat, I can't make a lot of the patterns you use because I am not so dainty but that looks like one that would be flattering on so many figures, maybe even mine. The color, the texture it's flawless.

Susan said...

That looks beautiful. Did you keep track of your modifactions a bit more this time around to share you knowledge. Your version is just fabulous!

Teresa said...

Thanks so much everyone!
hunnybunny, I do think this pattern is great for many different shapes o' people. There are so many ways to tweak it (yarn weight, colour, button placement, length), and so easily too.
susan, I'm sorry to say, I'm a l-a-z-y knitter in several respects. Taking detailed notes is one of them. Unfortunately all I can do is point you in the direction of the first jacket I knit up. I will say this though: my forays into the wide world of design are on the verge of explosion.

Carol said...

It looks lovely. I really like the colour.

Liz said...

That's absolutely gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...


DonnaC said...

I absolutely love it and wish it were hanging in my closet right now!

Anonymous said...
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