Tuesday, March 18, 2008

St Blaise on the Scene

In general, I find it difficult to take interesting WIP photos.

Here you see a fellow knitter alongside my latest design.

This one's being called St Blaise for my own "I'm trying to be creative" reasons. (and if any of you can guess why from the slapdash notes I've posted below, you'll be crowned the creative-est of all Canary readers):
I've no decent design sketches, so words will have to suffice:
-(at this point I'm planning that the) body will be almost-tunic-length
-have a very deep neckline, which I'll pick up later and create a giant, overflowing cowl
-my favourite, 3/4 sleeves
-(and as you can see) an in-the-round, bottom-up construction with a few cables thrown on the front for interest's sake

The yarn is a sumptuous (isn't that an incredible word?) wool/silk blend from Handmaiden. I'm not entirely sure which colourway it is - I believe it's Straw. I bought this in a kit, this one, to be exact. Unfortunately, as with so many knits, I cast on only to find it was huge huge huge. Personal design to the rescue! (I still like the original pattern that came with the kit. It's in the knit-future, perhaps with some cotton for the summer. What thinks you?)

In other news, Butters is cute as ever, Photobucket
and, after having given my sad wrists a break from oh-so-fine gauged knits, I'll be back at it with a cold-weather FO to show all. (hopefully before the weather turns to spring-time warmth!)

knit like the wiiiiiind


Anonymous said...

Is it St Blaise because he got killed by metal combs that look like the wool carding combs? Apparently also the patron saint of wild animals - does that include canaries?

Hilary said...

Does it have anything to do with him being the patron saint of the wool industry? Surely that's more likely than it having to do with him being the patron saint of throat illnesses...

Teresa said...

Thanks so much for indulging me! It was actually a combo of the "death by carding comb/wool industry" thing and the throat-connection. Yes, I am that bizzare.