Monday, March 10, 2008

Compy and I are at Odds

Continuing in a rather frustrating line of technological folly, my computer has obviously decided that it no longer cares to preform at its utmost for me.
I have knitting galore to post, and so will apologize in advance for the anticipated quietude.
STUPID COMP! (shh, don't tell it I capitalized that).

In other, happier news: I've decided free polls are fun, and have posted this little ditty for your perusal.
Hot weather knitwear - a pointless and oxymoronical idea?
Not oxymoronical - I like knitting for hot weather!
Pretty stupid - what the hell would you knit for the summer?
Well, you wouldn't be using wool! Not sure how I feel, though.
I hate cotton. free polls
Hope to be back soon with knit pics.


Carol said...

My most successful knits have been ones that are wearable or meant to wear in the summer! Not sure why....

Teresa said...

Interesting! I'm totally the opposite, though I must confess: the one time I made a large project with cotton, it really, really hurt my wrists. This may have soured me on the whole cotton thing.