Friday, December 21, 2007

Wintery Waterhouse Wallhanging

Or; how I got my feet wet in quilting.


Interesting beaded close-up:


From the back:


How I made it:

Got creative. As with most of the crafting endeavours I involve myself in, I sort of winged it. I took out a book of quick Christmas quilts from the local library, and that's where I got the fancy star-pointy corners.
The lovely silk Waterhouse print was an eBay purchase.
Most of the fabric came from Fabricland, but some also came from the Quilt Rack.
Ribbon, from Michael's:

Wallhanging - on blog

I haven't mastered the art of hanging the thing (or any part of quilting, for that matter). The binding I did for this was my very first, and it was like magic when I flipped over the lip and saw an (almost perfect) edging!

I had to fudge an awful lot of the pieces - clearly, I cannot measure, or do even rudimentary geometry. Thankfully, this was a small project, and I bought loads of fabric for the inevitable mistakes.

This one now "graces" my bedroom door.

Here's a puzzle for you: it's now very floppy. How can I make it flatten out and lie neatly against the wall? The batting is acrylic, so ironing is out (at least, I assume so).

Wallhanging - on blog


Carol said...

I'm no expert, but maybe if you dampened it down and pinned it flat? Like blocking knitting?

Teresa said...

That sounds like it should work - I'll try it.