Monday, December 17, 2007

What to do with Leftovers? the Felicity Hat Edition

Yet another reason why I love ravelry:

Here's the latest FO from the sanctuary.
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Pattern: Felicity Hat
Yarn: about 1.5 skeins of leftover Karaoke from my Central Park Hoodie
Things I'd change: absolutely nada. I love this hat very, very much. It fit so perfectly, and I didn't have to change a thing from the pattern. Highly recommended. Thanks so much to Wanett (I've just used her ravelry name). My head will be warm and fashionable this winter!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! I love your hat. I remember I left a comment on your blog once or twice under the name "KnittingCat"...I think. You replied that it was too bad that I didn't have a blog that you can check out. Well, I can't find that comment (you probably don't remember me, but) I have a blog that I just made yesterday and I thought you'd like to check it out:

I've been watching your blog ever since I found you on craftster. :D

Teresa said...

Thanks so much! I'm heading over to your blog now :) Thanks for the link.

Carol said...

Nifty hat! I like the slouchiness. Going over to ravelry now to queue it!

Teresa said...

Cool :)