Thursday, December 13, 2007

Things that are Yummy

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Some of my favourite yummy things: lavender tea, handmade yellow mug and a lemon Larabar.

A time out from your normal knitting blog, and a quick survey:

What is it that most attracts you to a pattern?
I know I've scoped out patterns for their infinite change-ability, their intricacy, their wear-ability, and in some cases the fact that the pattern is just what I need to use up x yarn.

I have a thunderingly long queue on ravelry, and I'm trying to make it coherent. I suppose it doesn't have to be, but if I can get to the bottom of what I likes about a pattern, then perhaps I won't make mistakes in selecting appropriate knitting activities (as I have done in the past). Castastro-knits. Yes, I've had my share.

Oh, and a quick side note: any of you use Malabrigo yet? I've heard only good things, but I want to hear the bad! Prepare me, man. I'm set to undertake the ubiquitous Garn Studio A-Line jacket in Sunset. I loves me my orange yarn.
I even found the perfect button* for it in Mac Fab on Tuesday.
Mmm, buttony goodness.... (I will spare you the unnecessary button photos for a later date. As per usual, I couldn't make up my mind and bought about 4 or 5 different buttons, so I could decide later.)

*of course, the perfect button had not a mate in sight. I was sold the button off the front of the box, but alas! What to do with only one perfect button when you need three matching ones? These and other gripping tales of the fascinating journey from yarn hanks to finished jacket to follow.


Unraveling Sophia said...

I've been using Malabrigo for several years now since it came on the market and to be truthful, I don't really have anything bad to say about it - all my experiences hve been positive ones! :)

Teresa said...

Oh, excellent!
I am off to cast on (despite the Christmas gifts who have a due date, as opposed to this Malabrigo gift to myself.)

Unraveling Sophia said...

PS - what is a Lara bar? It looks very intriguing! Yum!

Robin said...

I only have one negative thing to say about Malabrigo - it's kind of "sticky" - it can be a little slow for me to work with because of this. But other than that, no issues - it's soft and beautiful! Good luck!

Teresa said...

Thanks for the info, robin! I was researching yesterday, and it seems it may have a pilling tendency as well. *sigh Must get myself one of those lint shaver things.

sophia, my yummy Larabar is a date-bar with almonds and lemony goodness. They're vegan-friendly, and when I was on my crazy detox-diet for a few weeks in May, I practically lived off the stuff. Opened my culinary horizons to dates. :)

Unknown said...

Larabars are also 100% raw - so you get better benefits than you would if the same ingredients were cooked!


Teresa said...

Yes, that's true! I wonder how they do it (in that, there's no preservatives). I just finished having Cocoa Mole for lunch! Mmm, cocoa and chili.

Annie said...

Malabrigo... mmmm. It can be kind of pilly, I guess would be the one thing. But this can be dealt with! Other than that, it's wonderful. The colors are awesome and it's the perfect thing to whip out whenever anyone's like "ooh, I don't like wool, too scratchy" because it's pretty much the softest anything ever :)

Teresa said...

Oh yes, that's a good point about it being so soft. Hands are itching to knit :)