Thursday, December 27, 2007

Malabrigo; an Ode

Garn Studio Jacket (at least, inspired by the ubiquitous Garn Studio Jacket)

Pattern: Garn Studio A-Line Jacket
Yarn: Malabrigo Worsted in colourway Sunset - 4 skeins, almost exactly
Buttons: retro find at MacFab
Things I'd change: Not really so much this time. I have issues with the yarn dye, because during knitting it kept coming off on my hands. It looked like I was a smoker.
I soaked it in a vinegar/water mix, then some Soak (the citrus scent). It smells great so far, but I suspect it's still going to let loose some dye.
I credit the Malabrigo Lovers group on Ravelry for some yarn guidance - they mentioned something about microwaving yarn to set in the dye, which will be my next step if colour issues persist.


How I modded:
I didn't really follow much of the Garn Studio pattern. I was inspired by randomcyn's jacket, being a top-down raglan.
I made sure it was extra wide, so it would sit on my shoulders. I just worked a regular ol' top-down raglan, keeping the whole body straight and maintaining the double moss border until it was as long as I wanted (that was just as I finished the second ball).
I put the button holes wherever I felt like.



The neckline was just picked up after I finished the body and sleeves. I had to nip in at the shoulders a bit because it was quite wide - I picked up every 3 stitches, skipped the fourth.
I added an extra button at the top of the funnel neck.

If anyone would like some more mod notes, I'd be happy to oblige!


The Malabrigo, other than the dye-coming-off issues, is gorgeous. It survived all the soaking and washing wonderfully, and feels so soft. Highly recommended. Possibly my new favourite!

One with the collar down.


***Pattern Mod Notes***

Needles: 5.5 mm (now orangely stained)
Yarn: used thusly
2 skeins for body (plus a very small bit from the third. The last inch of the body is from the third skein).
1 skein for both sleeves (I had a very small bit left over from the third skein)
1 skein for the collar (once again, I had a very small bit left over. I just kept knitting til most of the yarn was gone).

I cast on 164 stitches. Sounds excessive, but here’s how I divided it up:

RIGHT SLEEVE|20 sts (that's "Right Sleeve" when you're wearing it)
| 14 sts
| 20 sts
| 20 sts
| 20 sts

52 sts

You can see some good instructions on how to do a top-down raglan from Grumperina’s Picovoli.
Be warned: I didn’t make exact notes on how I increased for the sleeves. I started by increasing every RS row, but found that due to the gauge of the yarn the sleeves were getting far too big far too quickly. The beauty of the top-down is that you can try it on as you go. I highly encourage this.

Once my sleeves fit, I just maintained the pattern for the body all the way down, doing no shaping, but adding the button holes when I thought they’d look good (one above the chest, one right below the bust, and one near the waist for definition. I was afraid that the sweater would make me look boxy and frumpy without it).

The bottom edge is just about an inch of 2x2 ribbing. Make sure to cast off semi-tightly. The first time I CO for the sweater it was far too loose, and flipped up unattractively.

Just picked up and knit down. I only decreased about an inch, made them about a ¾ length, and had 2.5 inches of double moss at the bottom edge.

Simple simple simple!
All I did was pick up every 3 stitches along the neckline, skipping every fourth (because it was just a tad too wide, and fell off my shoulders.)
I worked the whole thing as a continuation of the double moss from the lapels. I must admit I did nip in the sleeves, but only slightly. I did this by placing markers in the same spot they were for the sleeves. I just decreased once on each side of each marker (taking off 8 sts in total), then worked for a while. Remember when you’re working to keep in the double moss pattern. The “odd stitches” created by decreasing disappear into the collar; I can’t seem to find them now! (sorry I can’t be more specific on where I put the decreases – I didn’t write it down, and can’t see it now in the collar!)
I tried it on along the way, and I decreased the same way I did above once more.
The entire collar is about 11.5 inches long.
Don’t forget to add a button hole into the collar – I put mine just about at the collar-bone level.

Happy Knitting!

Any questions, clarifications, etc, please comment.


moptop said...

... visiting from Craftster (MopTopStumptown)...

This is awesome. Love the color, the fit, the obvious comfort, all of it. If only I wasn't a beginner level knitter. :-(

Melanie said...

I have eyeing this pattern for quite some time now..but have not started due to trying to finish up some other knits.
I thought the original was amazing but yours is just drop dead gorgeous!
I am a bit if a scaredy cat when it comes to modifying patterns..but I MUST knit your version of this sweater. =)
Any help would be appreciated, you enabler you!

Cyn said...

I LOVE the big collar.

Now I have big-collar-envy. Hmph. Must knit something with a big collar...

Unraveling Sophia said...

This has been in my que to knit since Drops added it to their online list! I've been madly searching for the original GarnStudio yarn, and now I see that I don't have to wait - Malabrigio! You made a fabulous choice and your version came out so gorgeously... great descriptions and photos, too...

Susan said...

I'm with Melanie, you ROCKED this sweater! I would love love love to get your version of this as a top-down raglan. Very stunning and the wide colar is perfect!

Teresa said...

Thanks so much to everyone! I'll be adding the notes to the original post momentarily.
Sophia: I'm glad the Malabrigo will work for you - I got the idea from cyn.

Carol said...

Ooh Pretty! I saw a sweater in a store in these colours and loved it. now I know Malabrigo has something similar....swoon...

insaknitty said...

I love your version of this! really fantastic... I'm going to have to try this now and try to follow your mods! :) thanks for all the info!

Annie said...

oh, gorgeous!
I love it, especially in that awesome Malabrigo color :) Rock out!

soknitpicky said...

Your mods turned out great--thanks for posting about them! Congratulations!

Samantha M. said...

I love this sweater but I'm intimadated by it being a newbie to knitting. I saw this on craftster and fell in love with it instantly!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely stunning - love the mods and the yarn choice - thanks for sharing the details :)

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely lovely. I'm much more partial to top-down sweaters than those worked from the bottom up; I think it's the whole notion of trying them on as I go that's comforting and actually allows me to finish them. Hope you don't mind if I borrow your notes for my own!

P.S. The collar on this is fantastic. I'm excited to get started!

amanda said...

Hey, just saw this on Ravelry. Beautiful mods - that collar is very striking!

Anonymous said...

Until now I've never looked twice at the A-line pattern. However at you it looks really stunning! Great job

Anonymous said...

Your sweater is awesome. I love the collar. Nice job.

celestemurphey said...

Love the sweater and just have to make it immediately! What was the gauge you got with the 5.5mm needles?