Thursday, April 26, 2007

What it is that I have been up to TWO - and, Dreaming the Dreams of a Knitter Heading to the Frolic

I've been stitchin bees,

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and bitchin about my Ester,
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and now finally the time has come to dream, to plan, my long-awaited forray into the lovely, lovely world of The DKC Knitter's Frolic!

I was scouring the internet for new (free) inspiration. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Belle Paquita
This one is actually a maybe. I like the delicate-looking edging around the neckline, but the V shape may be a little much.

Petit Chou
A cute bra top from Knitty. No, I wouldn't wear it like that. I did say this was inspiration. I like the lacyness of it. I'd make it a little more substantial, and turn it into a wee halter for the summer.

Good ol' Razor Cami
This one has been floating around in me brain for a bit of a while now.

Top Down Sweater with Crazy Collar
So very pretty. I only hope I can live up to making this one.

Ballet Top from Magknits
Cute. Possibly do-able. I'm mostly intrigued by the gather at the neckline.

No Gauge Swatch Top
The name sounds good - and the pattern has potential. Looks sort of corset-like.

Do I dare dream?

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Anonymous said...

I especially love the first two! I hadn't seen the 2nd one before in Knitty - hmmm - may add that one to my list!