Monday, October 31, 2016




I love to design versatile patterns that fit well into my life and make it easier. I am also a fan of buying lovely, precious skeins of yarn. I have quite a collection of them!

#PinGame was inspired by one such precious skeins of yarn, a small, 25 g ball of Cardiff Cashmere. The design was also inspired by my love of pretty pins and gift-giving. This small neckerchief uses exactly one ball of Cardiff Cashmere, so it's perfect to knit for a special someone as a last-minute gift (or yourself, of course!). The softness of the cashmere means this is a wee bit of luxury you can quickly and easily create, with an understated, classy look that is appealing to all ages!

You get three choices of shape for your neckerchief in #PinGame all created with simplicity in mind. I want this to be a chill-out knit, something you can create on the go; something that will use a small amount of precious yarn; and something that will be perfect for whipping out a last-minute gift for someone!

The Diamond is a shape that really does best with a complementary pin. Fold it in half and wrap it around your neck, securing it with a pin. This double layer, up close to your skin, is soft and especially warm.

The Triangle shape is like a traditional shawl; it has a bit more length than the Diamond, and so can drape more loosely around your neck. It's still best to wear with your favourite pin!

And the Crescent shape is the longest, but shallowest, of the shapes. This neckercheif can wrap around and drape over your shoulders. Pins are optional!

Garter Tab CO Video (featuring #PinGame)

#PinGame: A Closer Look Video

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Meredith MC said...

The design is awesome, and your haircut, is amazing, adorable and bold all at once. Go You!