Thursday, April 21, 2016

TPCT: Modification Options

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TPCT is designed to be modified.

I wanted to give knitters the ability to do exactly what they want with this pattern. The pattern includes:
  • elbow length sleeve option
  • blank yoke charts for your own cable/lace/colourwork
  • top down AND bottom up instructions
  • centre front bust shaping
  • notes on lengthening the body

I made a total of eleven TPCT samples. Here below is a bit of info on the ways I made my own modified TPCTs.

Elbow Length Sleeves
Not everyone likes capped sleeves! The elbow length sleeve instructions included work with both the bottom up and top down constructions.

Bust Shaping
The pattern as written includes bust shaping with two different options: either in two sections across the front, or gathered together in the front centre. Both are pretty, and relatively minor. Both options for front bust shaping happens on just one row about 1" above the ribbing. This photo shows you the two sections option.

As you can see from this photo, I didn't consider the pattern-breaking-up effects of a variegated yarn! I think it looks lovely nonetheless. All I did was use the blank TPCT yoke chart for my own size and work this stranded colourwork along and around the whole yoke.

In THIS sample, you can see that I went a bit wild with the colourwork, extending it down from the yoke all the way around the body. This is a very simple step to make, because the shaping that happens around the body section is minimal and easy to either ignore or account for in your colourwork. Join the TPCT KAL and share your ideas and get support for YOUR own colourwork!

I went very light on the cables here; it's really more of a play in texture. But it gives you an idea as to how you can insert cables and the possible looks you can get with the blank yoke charts.

And possibly my favourite option... Getting the Yarn to work for YOU
I did a couple of TPCTs where I got a cool ombre effect simply because of the yarn I used. This one you see below was from a gradient kit I picked up several Rhinebecks ago from Fiber Optics.

And this TPCT is much more stripey than the gradient one you see above. Stripes are fun! You can achieve lots of cool looks for your TPCT by just relying on a gradient kit, ombre yarn, selection of fun colours, embrace the speckled yarn trend, or even just use a self-striping yarn.

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