Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holly Day Time; Or, Here Be Some News and Stuffs

I had these grand plans of posting all sorts of questions and info re: holidays this year, but I guess the whole crux of the thing is that it's busy at this time of year, thus the posts would capitalize on that, but then I got "too busy" for the posts.

So, I've decided to give ya'll a bit of an overview as to the knitty-and-otherwise-general-goings-on round my woods.

Knitting! I was busy working away, happily, on the YearLong YarnSong knits (which I always test knit myself, buuuut) which lead me to discover I have a bit of a .... wrist problem. This is incredibly frustrating, as it prevents me from knitting. The doctor says it's nothing to worry about. He says, "Just lay off the knitting for a while, and it'll be fine".
HA! Mr. Man, methinks. We need to come up with a better solution than that, because I needs my knit times.

This unfortunate situation has led me to scale back my gift ideas, and I'm afraid it might affect the publication dates of upcoming YLYS issues. So far, I'm behind, but hope to still publish within the month it's meant to be published! (she typed, as she also realized THIS month's issue is so-very-close to done, and yet just not).

Me, hamming it up at the photoshoot for the December issue of YearLong YarnSong.
Coming soon.
I swear.

And, Otherwise!
Ok, I'm trying to compile The Ultimate Christmas cd. I have a few favourite songs, but I was wondering: What's your favourite holiday music?

And, if you've read the above, you'll see that my knitting Christmas gift ideas were spoiled. I shake my fist at my wrist!
Regardless... I generally don't knit gifts for people, but I was wondering: Do you knit gifts? Who do you knit for? Is there a general, go-to pattern (or type of pattern) that you find to be a crowd pleaser?

Shortly, I hope to return triumphant, virtual book in hand, glorious trumpets sounding around me, colossal arches built to my honour, doused in delicious expensive wine and riding a chariot filled with sweet desserts and pulled by prancing alpaca.


Anonymous said...

If I knit gifts, it's always for someone who I know will appreciate it. My sister loves scarves, so that's what she usually gets. If I have a good friend who I won't see in a while, or we've been particularly close this past year, I'll make them something small, probably a hat. Usually, when I don't know how well they'll take the hand-made gifts, I stick to the simple, stockinette side...for sanity's sake ;)

Triona said...

Oh gosh...sorry to hear about your injury. I live in fear that something will happen and I won't be able to knit. I'd go crazy!

In answer to your gift question, I usually go completely mad around Christmas time and decide everyone in the fam needs handknit gifts...but this year I knit 10 stockings for the husband's family, so I declared a moratorium on all other knit gifts. It's been strangely (or not so strangely) relaxing.... :-)

Michelle said...

I often make mittens or toques for Christmas gifts, of my own design. EVERY YEAR I think to myself "next year I will start my Christmas knitting in January" because I never get as much as I want done.

There is a fine line between tacky homemade gifts and cool homemade gifts. I try to only make knits that look somewhat professional and that I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear myself.

Hope the wrist heals and mends... I had strained tendons for 6 months that made knitting impossible. Every once in awhile if I knit with small needles I feel it again, but generally I am much more aware of what I need to do to prevent it.

kingshearte said...

Straight No Chaser. If you haven't encountered their Christmas music yet, you MUST. Beyond that, I like Josh Groban's versions of Little Drummer Boy & What Child is This, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra is always a good time.

I gift knitted last year, and while it did end up coming down to the wire (my BIL's scarf was still damp from blocking when I gave it to him), I liked that it helped spread out the financial aspects of it over the year. I didn't knit anyone anything this year, but I'm thinking I will again next year.

Happy Christmas!