Friday, September 16, 2011

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Johanna Bibbins
Blog: Knitting My Day Away
Etsy Shop: KnittingMyDayAway
Rav ID: JohannaM
Some Great Designs: JohannaM's Rav Designer Page

Light and airy, the designs by this week's talented knitter, JohannaM, showcase a great selection of delicate pieces.

First up is Fönn (pictured). I love how JohannaM described it to me, a "...big delicious shawl." And oh my, it is.
This is a very recent publication - so much so that it wasn't out yet when I first approached the designer about writing this here post. When she mentioned she'd have a new pattern out soon, I was interested and excited.
When I saw it was this fantastic shawl, I was really excited! I couldn't wait to post it for ya'll.

Now, here's the lovely lacy Kyrrð. I really admire the photos JohannaM has for her patterns. They're always attractive, and display her knits in a variety of ways. Really shows off the pieces to their utmost.

While she has a number of other patterns, I'll share just one last one with you: Strokkur. This pretty cowl is sized for toddlers all the way up to adults. It looks fantastic! (not having any children within my regular circle of acquaintance, I wasn't aware how supercool cowls look on kids! Great idea).

Can't wait to be stunned by the next beautiful pattern JohannaM publishes!

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Anonymous said...

Love that the model paired her sunglasses with the shawl. So youthful. And its size is luxurious.