Monday, July 25, 2011

My Pumpkins Are Colonizing The Garden


Setting out from their wee pumpkin seed mound, four strong and fearless seeds bravely took on the new territory of soil surrounding their land.

The pumpkin(g)s are now Emperors of the Garden, and have renamed it their Patch1.

PhotobucketThe new colony of Patch, this, the Patch of the Pumpkin(g)s, has a very few subjects, including the Purple Pod Bush Beans, the struggling Tabasco Peppers, and the young but rugged Broccoli. The beautiful flowers of Marigold and Hollyhock are attempting their own uprisings, but the might and power of the Pumpkin(g)s appears to be blotting out their efforts.

I must try my best to keep these Kings in check; they aren't satisfied with the Patch, and appear to be enamoured with development outside the garden bed.


But lo, we shall see who laughs last. The hour of October draws nearer every day, and the prophesy of the sage pumpkins, those horror stories they tell their young sprouts of vicious humans plucking them from their vines, heartlessly scooping out their delicious innards and placing (of all things!) candles in their bodies, just may come to be fulfilled.



But no, really, I'm way stoked about how healthy my pumpkins seem to be. I hate to count my pumpkins before they hatch, but methinks a collection of sweet, sweet pumpkin recipes may have to be collected!

1 I have to apologize for the colonialist metaphor here. Perhaps I've been doing a touch too much research at work regarding those centuries of European empire building.


LittleCanoe said...

Amazing pumpkin patch you have going, I'm so jealous! Pumpkin is my favorite fall food, i can't wait to start using it in everything again!

Julie said...

Amazing!! what a totalyl healthy looking pumpkin patch. And pumpkin recipes are great- I bet would give you more than enough ideas for a pumpkin lifetime.

Anonymous said...

I love you and your metaphors.

(Just thought you should know.)

Diana Troldahl said...

A friend used pumpkin vines to creae garden beds for the following year. He planted them int eh area he wanted to cultivate and they created wonderful organically shaped plots by shading the grass and weeds with their leaves. By the time the pumpkin vine died, the earth was ready to be hoed, fertilized and mulched ready to plant the following spring.
He also used the same idea to create an outline for a water feature.

Jane Richmond said...

Wow, they are so healthy! also reminds me I forgot to plant my pumpkin seeds in time for October!