Friday, June 10, 2011

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Joyce (YuLian) Yu
Blog: YuLianKnits...
Rav ID: YuLian
Some Great Designs: YuLian's Rav Designer Page

You'll find this quote on YuLian's rav designer page,
I’m not a particularly clever designer, but I just love playing with different ideas, so if you find re-iterations of something similar, it’s because I wanted to expand the idea some more. Or it was just too much fun to pass up.
This quote is great - designing should always be fun!

Pictured here is Bǎoshí, a beautifully delicate lace shawl. Shown fantastically against that bright brick wall, the word Bǎoshí means “precious stone” in Chinese. I love a great name!

Geoui is a very cool crocheted lace shawl. The motifs along the edges make for a very interesting, eye-catching look. I'm always impressed by beautiful crochet, and this is certainly one of those pieces.

Chou-gok is a play with colour and simplicity. It comes in scarf and shawl sizes, and was inspired by scallops. And, I couldn't resist quoting some background on the name of this knit too:
"The shawl is named for the little daisies in the edging. A literal translation of “Chou-gok” is “little chrysanthemum,” which I shortened down to “little mum,” and that’s exactly how a daisy looks."

Lastely there's YuLian's Honeycomb Twist Mitts. Not only can she design lovely shawls in knitting and crochet, she's adept at mitt designing too! These are very pretty, with delicately dancing cables and lace throughout.

There's plenty more to see on her designer page - check it out!

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Julie said...

what stunning designs!! that shawl is unbelievably beautiful.