Monday, January 10, 2011

I Don't Like That!; Or, I Know What I Like When I See It

PhotobucketAnd indeed, I think many, many people operate, whether you'll admit it or not, under the stubborn assertion that you know what you like when you see it, and that's that, merci beaucoup!

I was something of a fussy eater as a child. I'm not sure how I'm still living today, since I'm almost entirely certain that nothing green, or of the vegetal variety, ever passed my lips til I was in my early 20s. I kid you not. Well, maybe some sour apple Fun Dip, or Pixy Sticks... or maybe even a Tic Tac. I do recall quite enjoying mint chocolate chip ice cream...

Ok, ramble-interruptus!

On to my point:

I have a list, which I will share with you, of things I've refrained from knitting or designing. Things that I know I'll look bad in, things I know are difficult to do right, things that just don't feel to be my style, and things that just rub me the wrong way. Things I know I don't like.
Or at least, so goes my stubborn assertion.

These things are indeed wonderful things! There's nothing wrong with them.

But, in the spirit of
a) being a grown up
b) expanding my design experience
c) try it and you might like it!

I thought it might be a bit of fun to set myself a challenge: Design what you Disdain.

Ok, here be the (by no means exhaustive) list:

-picot edging
-open cardis (generally of the one-button variety)
-bulky gauged knits
-knit bottoms (skirts, short, pants, and especially undies!)
-knit jewellery/hair accessories
-anything with positive ease

Over the year, I'm hoping to return, on and off, to this theme. The Design What You Disdain series will kick off quite soon. I'll share with you the various trials and troubles, vexations and wretchednesses, suffering, swearing and the such. And hopefully there'll be some happystuffs to fit in, too.

But for now, I invite ya'll to share: what do you avoid knitting? Are there certain garment features, styles, gauges, colours that you defer? Disdain? Detest?
Anyone want to join me, and design/knit something you would not otherwise?


Anonymous said...

Variegated yarn. Knitting heresy, I know. But I can't stand it.

Chris said...

Anything in novelty 'faux fur' sort of yarn. And 'private' body parts (not necessarily together). Otherwise, I think I'm fairly open-minded.

Sarah said...

Shawls. They're so pretty but they seem soooo tedious and I don't wear them. lol

patricia said...

Oh, now that I see what Alyssa & Chris said I totally agree: faux fur and variegated yarn. I haven't knit any socks either and if I look at the projects I have frogged or plan to frog, they were red (cotton, mohair and merino) so there must be some kind of curse.

Julie said...

What a great idea!! hehe, I love the 'design what you disdain' title of it. I avoid bobble and positive ease as well. I suppose I also have a mild aversion to ruffles, when they occur at a hem or sleeve. but not verticle ruffle s(if that makes sense). I like that kind. Also, knit gloves look so fiddly to me, I can't work up the interest to tackle them.

Bonnie said...

It's silly, but I avoid toe-up socks. I love knitting socks, but I think decreasing is so much easier than increasing that I nearly always choose top-down styles. This is especially ridiculous considering how many lovely toe-up patterns there are! Congrats for trying new things!

betty said...

I don't knit shawls or socks, probably because I just don't wear them.

LittleCanoe said...

That's how I felt about socks, then I knit a pair. I have to admit, the verdict is still out. I absolutely hated knitting them, but I probably wear them more than any other pair of socks in my vast collection. So, i could possibly, maybe, see myself biting the bullet and going at it again.

Andi said...

I really really hate cardigans that only button at the top. That's partially why I started knitting with out patterns. There were loads of patterns coming out at the time that had top buttons and not much else. They're just super unflattering on someone who has an hour glass figure like me.

Multicolored yarn is another thing that I usually try to avoid. I love the colors in the skein, but I never can figure out what exactly to do with it.

I like your challenge! I can't wait to see what you do.

kingshearte said...

I definitely am with you on the bulky gauge thing, although I do have a pattern in my stash that is a bulky sweater... Bobbles, too, I'm not a fan of, and positive ease, too. I've avoided colourwork so far too, but that's less because I don't like it (although I'm really not a big fan of the Fair Isle style) and more because it terrifies me. I'll try it eventually, though.

I look forward to seeing how this project turns out for you.

SuzyHomemaker said...

I avoid: Boucle yarn, socks, and --probably an unpopular opinion but-- fingerless mitts (because my fingers get cold before my hands do, so why do I want to warm my palms and not my fingers?? No point!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought of something else - babydoll fit tops, or anything fitted across the bust that then expands out. Because it would make me look like an oil tanker wearing a tent.

neferatowen said...

Picot edging, bobbles, fun fur (etc) and stranded knitting!

Little Cashew said...

Every technique can be used to some good.

Though I'm still looking out for a good way to use bobbles. Maybe a toy?

cicile said...

- bulky yarn for no ease garments (unconfortable ?)
- shawl (i never wear them)
- cropped tops (I think it looks stupid on me)
- intarsia childish design for adult garments (although I saw nice adult sweaters with lucky cats recently, i liked that a lot !)
- knitted smocks (too difficult ?) not sure it's the proper english word for this

meagarior said...

Currently making a capelet out of a fun fur yarn, despite never wearing a capelet in my life, and i don't like fun fur

This will probably just wind up in etsy....