Friday, October 02, 2009

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: veera
Blog: 100% Rain
Rav ID: veera
Some Great Designs: veera's Rav Projects Page

Despite its summery name, August (pictured) is a perfect example of what caught my eye about veera's wonderful designs.
Browsing through her projects page shows you garment after garment of classy, fuzzy warmth!
For a long time now I've been semi-obsessed with big sleeves, and August is pretty much perfect with its deep ribbing and herringbone texture.

Modern Garden is a very cool use of big wool and big lace. I find it particularly fantastic that she utilized the added stitches of the YO lace to step in for increases and decreases. I need this cardigan right now.

There's also the adorable and aptly named Dipped in Honey. Garter stitch cuffs with great buttons and colour-change detail make for a quick, functional and beautiful knit.
I'm planning on a big stash dig to find yarn for all three of these! Veera, you have incredible taste :)
(and as a side note: her Oct. 1 /09 blog post has the most adorable felted acorns. I need to find me some acorn tops so that I can have these for my very own!)


Hilary said...

Indeed, she has AMAZING taste! Everything on her projects page is gorgeous! I also love the short sleeved sweater she has on her blog, which seems to be in the test-knitting phase right now. Canary, your designer profiles are NOT helping my already-too-long queue!! :)

Team Knit said...

ooh, I love veera!! I look through her project page and wish I was knitting everything that she's knit, it looks so elegant and refined. I'm helping test knit one of her forthcoming patterns, and I'm in love!!

- Julie