Friday, September 25, 2009

Indie Designer Day

PhotobucketDesigner: Maggie Vremec
Rav ID: basicmag
Some Great Designs: basicmag

I'm choosing to say goodbye to summer and hello to autumn with this week's featured designer, basicmag.

First is the very pretty Burning Sand (pictured) top. Once again I'm won over by a simple shape with interest created in texture. I can totally see myself in a very comfy mood in this top.

The cable and yoke aspects of Summer Nostalgia add visual interest and continue the designer's style of wearable, knittable and fashionable knits.

Another favourite of mine is Fields of Gold. I've always felt like a fangirl of autumn, and this sweater embodies the spirit of the season quite wonderfully. The wee texture that resembles wheat, the golden hue of the yarn itself, the simplicity and layerability of the piece all come together to create a perfect season in a lovely sweater!

As many other knitwear designers, basicmag has many other beautiful garments. Check out her designer page on Rav!


Team Knit said...

oh wow, how have I never seen her stuff before?! So many gorgeous pullovers.....!!!

- Julie

Diana said...

She is in my FAVES!

Hilary said...

Another great designer...I love that tunic!!