Friday, June 19, 2009

Indie Designer Day

MaddyDesigner: Cyn
Blog: Half-Assed Knitting Blog
Rav ID: randomcyn
Some Great Designs: randomcyn's Rav Designer Page

Long overdue is my post pointing you towards randomcyn.
Want an amazing and consistently hilarious blog read? Make sure to add her blog to your feed. I'm always entertained by her posts.

And she designs, too!
Here pictured you see Maddy, the first one of her knits I'd ever come across. The peek-a-boo lace is cute, and through its various shapes helps to add emphasis to your curves.

The wonderfully named Nom Nom Nom Cowl is an enticingly simple and elegant addition to any winter wardrobe!

Serpentina is a pretty and delicate scarf, with a repeating lace panels which, as randomcyn points out, makes this design easily modifiable, for great thickness or thinness.

And then there's the unassuming wee Secret Admirer scarf.
Or is it...
This scarf can hold a possibly scandalous symbolism for those who can decode it! Read randomcyn's description:

"It uses binary numbers to encode a message that is invisible to the casual observer. Small cables shaped like the numbers 0 and 1 allow the scarf to be 'read' - but only if you know what you’re looking for. Encode 'I love you' for your sweetie or your seeecret crush, or encode anything you want; instructions for the entire alphabet are given."

How totally cool is that?


Hilary said...

Yes! I LOVE Cyn and her Half-Assed Knit Blog! I swear she gets funnier with each posting. Plus, her designs are indeed fabulous.

Team Knit said...

I love her blog, it's hilarious! Those are some great patterns, and the secret admirer scarf is brilliant!

- Julie

Sally said...

RandomCyn's post about the Lelah top (which ate her soul) and the accompanying pictures is one of my favourite knitting blog posts EVER! I didn't realise she also designed her own patterns.

Ilix said...

Awesome top! I am off to check her out! Thanks.