Friday, December 12, 2008

Indie Designer Day

weirdrockstar - on blog
Designer: weirdrockstar
Blog: WeirdRockStar
Rav ID: weirdrockstar
Some Great Designs: weirdrockstar's Rav Projects Page

I love it when I come across a designer who's Rav project page is filled with original designs. Weirdrockstar is one of these amazing knitters.
Her aesthetic is a splendiferous mix of gothically-classic-pinup. See her wonderfully cabled Green Brunhilde.
I love her Kimono (pictured right). Look at that wide belt! In her pattern notes she states that it's almost 4 metres long - this makes my knitting-cortex whir with appreciation and astonishment. Four metres! And it gets wider in the middle! Mmmm, incredi-design! Also: don't miss the photo she's posted of it from the back: such gorgeous cascades of cables as I've never seen.
Spring Sonata is a bold marriage of ruffle and lace that maintains her aforementioned aesthetic and has a classy and fun feel to it.
Green Cardi - she dyed it herself ladies and gentlemen (not sure if there's any gentlemen readers here, but I'll include you nonetheless). I love the wide neck and all over lace.
Make sure you check out her blog, where she includes some designs that aren't on her Rav page. I especially love the recently-blogged about lacey collar. Once again, how cool is that from the back!
Her gorgeous Project Spectrum jacket is yet another knitting wonder. Her use of colour is thoroughly attractive. The length of the piece gives is an almost regal air. The hood enhances this impression, and is equally splendid worn up over the head or down around the shoulders.
And her most recent post outlines the creation of a cute shorty-capelet creation. I love it with the two top buttons done up - very 50s chic!


Susan said...

Here's another new one for me! Thanks for posting - I'm off to add some of her items to my queue.

Poethead said...

You're doing a great job with the reviews! I love seeing the talent!

A Homely Heroine said...

Great profile, I'm really enjoying these indie designer days, good job!

Hilary said...

I am totally drooling over that kimono sweater...