Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Canadiana Nostalgiana

Revealing my age, possibly.
Making me smile, definitely.
This one's been going in my noggin for the past few days.
I haven't made it a habit to add video to my blog, but

Happy Canada Day!


Cali said...

Thank you, Thank you thank you!! I had almost forgotten about that video! When I saw it start I remembered it immediately. What a smile that put on my face! Thank you!

Happy Canada Day!!

Sel and Poivre said...

I just called both my teenaged kids to see this and they both remembered it from CBC and stood abd watched as it played. Thank you for this on our Canada Day!

Team Knit said...

I totally remember this, too! I loved it. Ah, what a perfect Canada Day post!

- Julie

Ilix said...

I was just thinking about that at work the other day. Thank you for finding it, and sharing it.

Teresa said...

You're all very welcome :) I'm currently trying to learn it on me fiddle.