Saturday, February 16, 2008

Two Months is the New Record

I silently pledged to myself that I'd yarn-diet for as long as I could in 2008. It lasted til precisely 11:00 this morning.
My most excellent enabler over at Foxy and Crafty drove me to the magical light-filled wonderland that is Spun in Burlington. Oh yes indeed.
I had a budget limit (for why, I'm not sure. Ms Foxy is very good at peer pressure... that and I'm very susceptible to her steely glares and seemingly sound logic).

These sweeties will be made into two hats for my brobdingnagian noggin (learning new words everyday!)


Sweetie rose pink lovely will become a hat.

I will voice my skepticism straight off and say: kit patterns don't usually work out for me. I'll try my luck here. A hat's a hat, right? I'm sure you'll hear about the disaster if it does indeed occur.

As you probably don't know, I love grapes and all symbolism connected therein (them and the bees - reminds me of youth spent sucking back the concords growing over the back porch, being watchful that the bunch you've plucked are not the abode of aforementioned honey-makers).
This will become a tam - as to which one, I'm not sure. Possibly the third.
This is my first time using Mission Falls. I hear raves; I'll have to see if they're well-founded.


Anonymous said...

Well, start knitting. It's funny, you're making all the hats this year (so far) and I'm on a sweater kick.

You really should know better then a budget too....

Mom IsAmagpie said...

That yarn is spectacular. I can see why you buckled. I can't wait to see your hats.

Teresa said...

Thanks! The needles are flying.