Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Rowan Tapestry Sweater; or, On the Advantages of a Proper Name for Finished Knits*

Another 2008 resolutionary triumph (don't look twice - I did make up that word):


Pattern: Manufactured in my own noggin
Yarn: several balls (about 5?) of Rowan Tapestry, colourway Country

(above is a more accurate depiction of the colours, though slightly less of an arty photo itself).

I liked the yarn, it was on sale, and long, square-necked sweater patterns do not abound the internets.
It's mostly alright; the sleeve cap science/art is still a mystery to me (mostly because I refuse to do the maths I know are involved), and the yarn itches like mad (the conditioner-fix will soon be employed to hopefully silky results).


I also think I didn't use the yarn to its greatest strengths. I have another colourway of Tapestry, and am currently making it into an entrelac wrap (which I think suits self-striping yarns much better than something straight-knit).


Once again my favourites (the 3/4 length sleeve, square neck, long-torso) reappear, and a new favourite has dawned on me: the low-back neckline.


Why use up the extra yarn to cover the back of your shoulders? asks I. I think this will be added to my ever-growing list of "ways to cheat and save as much yarn as ya can".


With this project finally complete, I've allowed myself to start up on another self-designed baby. And I hope it'll be a good one.
You'll all have to tell me.
Have I piqued your anticipation and curiosity?

*I find it slightly cumbersome to keep referring to the damn thing as the Rowan Tapestry Sweater. I'll get more creative for everyone's sake from now on.


Ilix said...

Wow, that looks great! I love the design and the colourway. Congrats!

Teresa said...

Now to de-itchify...

soknitpicky said...

It looks great, and yes, I am very curious about your next one too. I like that low back--will have to keep that in mind myself.

Now, what is this magic conditioner fix of which you speak?

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - that is so freakin' cute! LOVE it! I wish I could design for myself :( What are your secrets?!?! Share! Any specific books you use? Or just skillz?? haha :) Nice work!!

Carol said...

Very nice! But I would cover my back. Cold betweent he shoulderblades drives me bonkers. But that's just me. Just sayin'.....

Teresa said...

Thanks everyone!

soknitpicky: Magic conditioner fix is simply... conditioner! It sort of worked on one previous knit. All I did was add about a capful of regular old hair conditioner to a wee bit of water, sloshed it around, added knit, and let sit. (Please note: this works on animal hair as it works on human hair. I've never tried it with man-made fibres, nor silk or plant-based yarns).

vanessa, you certainly can design for yourself! Secrets I have not. It mostly (big sigh) math, but not scary math. I hates the math. So, it's just figuring out your gauge and decided how you want the yarn to wrap around you :) As to books: I own a bunch, but usually only use them for overall concepts or sources for a particular cable or lace stitch. I could post a list if you're interested.

carol: I understand completely! It seems your feelings are much like my own re: those puffy winter vests fools go around wearing. Your torso = HOT. Your arms, 100% cold. And sleeveless turtlenecked sweaters! *imagine an eye roll emoticon here*

Susan said...

I think it's gorgeous! I think the self-striping works well on this one. The square neckline and 3/4 sleeves all work beautifully on this self-designed masterpiece. Well done!

Unraveling Sophia said...

beautiful! I see that you and I have the same taste in sweater shapes too... hope you write up your patterns from your noggin 'cause they are the best!

Teresa said...

Thanks so much! I'll do my utmost to take usable pattern notes. This sweater has none; I started it ages ago and have forgotten anything I began with.

I hope to actually create a pattern and size it too. What a notion!

Susan said...

You've been given a "You Make my Day" Award. Check out my blog for details.

Kai said...

It really is a great design!

I love the idea osusing less yarn on the back!

Anonymous said...

Checked out your library on Ravelry! No need to post a list, but is there one in particular that you would recommend??

Teresa said...

For a good overview book I recommend "A Knitter's Handbook" by Montse Stanley. It's served me well for a couple years now.
Hope this helps!

Robin said...

Looks fabulous - I love it!

Cali said...

I love this sweater! I love that it is so fitted, and the square neckline. I also love the open back of the neck. Great all around!!

fishsknitty said...

Thanks for your comment on my CPH~ I have been reading your blog regularly, which I happened to find randomly (I googled uses for the Rowan Tapestry yarn and found your beautiful sweater using the same yarn). I ended up making a cabled sweater and I have to agree with you about the itch factor - so sad. I'll definitely have to try your conditioning trick!