Friday, February 22, 2008

Foxy Cloche

I am sometimes the lucky recipient of knit-gifts.


Pattern: Cloche (I think Foxy is writing it up)
Yarn: I believe she made it with good ol' Patons Classic Wool
Ribbon: My only creative contribution to this one

I take back all previous railing against hats. This one makes me smile. Despite what my expression in the photo below might indicate.



Mom IsAmagpie said...

You look lovely, I love the serious face. It reminds me of the crochet one I made my daughter, but better for one of my other girls, I'll have to get going on cloches, so they can all have their own.

Teresa said...

Thanks! I love the cloche. Great hat indeed :)

Kai said...

It's a fantastic hat and really suits you. Love the green ribbon!

Ilix said...

Fantastic! What a great gift!

Team Knit said...

I love that cloche! What a great gift.

- Julie