Thursday, February 21, 2008

Destash 2008: Bulky Hoodie Edition

If the model in Loop-D-Loop can wear this sans shirt, then so can I.


Pattern: Fair-Isle Hooded Capelet from Loop-D-Loop
Yarn: 1 skein Lamb's Pride Bulky White
1 skein Lamb's Pride Bulky Creme
.25 skein Lamb's Pride Bulky Olive Green

Many o' mods:
It's almost questionable that I can call this Durham's pattern. I used a vastly different gauge (3 sts to the inch instead of 1.5), needles that were about half the size the pattern calls for (10 mm) and of course, because the gauge was off, I had to increase til I thought it fit.
Very easy construction to follow and alter.


It was a race to the bottom-edge to knit this one. I was hoping that the wool wouldn't run out on me. Pre-blocking, the body of the capelet looked oh-so-sadly short. Blocked the hell out of it (and truly, it's questionable how much longer I actually made it. Blocking as placebo).

I seem to have forgotten at the time my munchkin stature, and have happily found the short length of the torso part is actually preferable.



Susan said...

You snuck that FO in without anyone even suspecting it was coming! You are on an FO roll.

Teresa said...

Thanks! It's the gauge, I tell you :)

Carol said...

You are one prolific knitter. Nice one!