Saturday, October 20, 2007

Faith Restored: the Bulky Pithy Hat

After a rash of knitting-disasters, the wonderful Pithy Hat has revitalized my zest for fiber. (I find it demoralizing to even think about the current knit-disaster. It will be blogged about, but I haven't the strength right now!)

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Pattern: Pithy Hat, modded for bulky yarn use
Yarn: Mirasol Sulka (60% merino, 20% alpaca, 20%20 alpaca 20% silk)
Things I'd change:
Actually, not much this time round. It's a wee bit too long in the back, but I can live with that.

I really really quite love this yarn. It does shed like a mad, moulting canary (hey, d'like my apropos simile there? eh? I try!), so I would personally only use it for accessory knitting.

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Carol said...

Nifty hat. don't let the fsilures get you down. we all have them.....we jsut aren't all up front about it!

Teresa said...

hehe, thanks! I hope to post some successes soon :)

Ilix said...

That looks neat! I don't know if I would make if, hats look funny on me unless they are a certian type.
It looks great on you though!

Teresa said...

I think the hat addiction has run its course. I wonder what'll be next....

DonnaC said...

I'm still in the midst of a hat obsession. Would love your mods for bulky yarn. I just finished this in a dk weight for dd and enjoyed the pattern - I made the E-town version and will blog about soon.

Teresa said...

I think the only thing I changed about it was to CO 60 ish stitches. I still think that was a bit too much. And, I have a big head! It's a pretty easy pattern to mod, since you can try it on as you go along, and it's basically a repeated 4-stitch pattern round and around and around :)

Good luck - hope to see your hats in the near future!