Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Headline News: Derisive Comment Leads to the Canary Lady whipping off FOs

Spurred on by negativity, I, the perpetual caster-onner (oh, OED people, if you need to round out the over 500,000 words in our wonderful language, please see me),
I, the impetuous improviser of perfectly good patterns, (please see previous post, or any of my disaster-knits, for clarification),
I, the chronic dreamer and project-abandoner,
have completed a project in under a week.

Sounds like not-so-much to you, but a triumph for me.
Due to my recent "stash-with-a-purpose"-itis, I've been scanning my mags, flipping through books and racking me brain to come up with suitable projects for all those odd-balls o'yarn I purchased before I had the good sense to buy yarn for a project.

The cute wee Shorty you see pictured below is the first in what I anticipate to be a long line of FOs from the SWAP (stash with a purpose) fever.

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Pattern: my own take on Grumperina's Picovoli
Yarn: one, very golden, and very lovely hank of HandMaiden's Silk Maiden
Ribbon: two pieces of some creamy-coloured silk ribbon I purchased from the ever-supportive eBay

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This project came about because I wanted to make something wearable (something decidedly not a hat). This yarn called out to be worn against the skin. It's possibly my favourite yarn ever. The colour is perfect, as well.

The only problem is that I'm not used to wearing these type o' Shorties (I just made that up. If there's a real term for this type of garment, let me know). I'm undecided as to whether it makes me look cool, or like some sort of misplaced 13th century golden maiden.

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Once again, photographing oneself in a mirror creates only half-good representations. I know you all forgive me.


Anonymous said...

What negativity? Moi? I'm not negative-- I'm a realist.

Cute shrug though...

BTW, such verbosity belongs in a blog.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, that's lovely! May I ask what lace stitch you're using? It looks like a variation on arrowhead from here, but I like the way it curves to a peak.

Teresa said...

I do thank you for your realism, Foxy. I need the injection every now and again.

diana: I think it was called Horseshoe lace in the pattern book. I think it's a basic type that you can find in those stitch pattern glossary type books.


Carol said...

Pretty pretty! And the yarn *thud*