Thursday, July 26, 2007

For Shizzle, Indeed*

Cast-on fever rages at the sanctuary. Feathers are flying, needles are clacking and yarn is continually being gobbled up by the half-done project monster that I have become.
I shall warn you to beware this beast, especially if you happen to be a "destination" knitter, rather than a "journey" one. The unfulfilled hunger for an FO is draining me brain.
(though to be entirely honest, I have completed one project, but it's too ugly and shameful to post about).

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Unnecessary photo of the Anne Elliot in action.

The patently promiscuous purler that now inhabits my mind has screamed out to me "you must find a project for every yarn! Stash with a purpose!"
Since I obey shouting, booming internal voices (oh so authoritative), I've decided to try my hand at a load of self-designed patterns. I'm sure much frustration will be borne from this decision, I also hope there will be beautiful demonstrations of destashing ecstasy, and pursuant to this, thorough justification for the (at least two) anticipatory stash enhancement expeditions.

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Marigolds - my favourite flowers.
While I didn't grow this marigold from seed, I'm still proud I haven't killed it. There has been a freak living-streak for the plants here at the sanctuary. More to follow.

*methinks perhaps only one person may understand this post title. I'm looking in your general direction, Foxy.


Anonymous said...

I understand the title, fo' shizzle. But its "FO" Shizzle. Which works for knitters I would think. You're ebonics need work my friend.

Teresa said...

Haha, yes, the FO would have been apropos! I must admit to a "slim-to-nil" knowledge of, or ability to pull off any appearance of a knowledge of ebonics.
I was going for a deliberate "I'm so uncool I'm cool" vibe.
The vibe clearly doesn't travel too far.
BTW, I love the new avatar pic. You look so happy!