Friday, June 15, 2007


I'm beaming with mirthful giddiness today. It's just one of those days. And I'd like to share a bit of this with my erudite and highly refined audience. You are all, of course, incredibly intelligent (as is evidenced by your perusal of this here bloggy), wonderfully talented and creatively inspiring. But, do you all know of a little program called Father Ted? If not, you will thank me for the tip. Here is one of the things making me smile today:

hilarious clips of Dougal
my favourite bit from Father Ted.

I'm also quite excited about knitting again. I've initiated a KAL for Knitty's Askew over on Craftster. I was so intensely enthused about casting on for this baby last night that I dumped out my stash from the hope chest (well, lovingly placed in concentric circles on the floor) and rooted through (carefully selected choice and appropriate yarns) to start on the job. In the process I re-discovered lovelies that I forgot I had (which is even better than reaching into your pocket and finding $20 you never knew you had), and have been scheming up new ideas. Remember that Fair Isle Halter I was going to make with the long-neglected Rowan Handknit Cotton DK? Well, into the Askew pile it went (more specifically, onto me needles it flew). I'm quite proud of my stash-busting: I've also re-enlisted the Rowan Summer Tweed of Ester fame and it will become a second version of the Askew.
I love patterns that allow for so much easy modding and creativity!
I'm also chugging my way (much like a heavy-laden locomotive) through the Retro Lacy top, Lingerie dress and Silk Corset. Fear has set in about the corset: this may be revealing too much of my personal knitting disaster, but I somehow ended up with about 20 stitches less than was listed in the pattern after I decreased for the torso. And I used needles a whole 1.75 mm smaller than listed in the pattern *blushing profusely*. It seems that my lauded blocking skillz will have to work more than a miracle if this 5.5sts to an inch gauge is going to fit over my ribcage.
Still isn't bringing me down!

If you're interested, please join the Askew KAL on craftster. I can't wait to see what all you other creative knitters can concoct!

This post brought to you by Making stupid people write somewhat smarterer than what they are.

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