Friday, October 24, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Jennifer Beaumont
Rav ID: Jenmama
Some Great Designs: Jenmama's Rav Designer Page

I research and line up these indie designer posts pretty far in advance.
For example, I first contacted this week's designer in July. She very kindly gave me permission! At the time, she had two designs. The Bright Windows Beret and the Pixelated Pullover (pictured).

I knew that these two would certainly give me plenty to talk about. Plus, they're super cool! I LOVE the Pixelated Pullover. Not only is the colourwork fun, offering plenty of room for creative palette choices, the colours she picked for the samples are so right up my alley. NEON BABY! Look at it. In all its bright bright glory.
And for those who are reticent to commit to much/any neon, something like the Pixelated Pullover is great. You can play with just a touch of it. And how it's placed in this photo, up by the wearer's face, is a lovely way of drawing attention to your beaming smile (which you know you'll have because you'll be wearing an awesome sweater!)

So yes, plenty to say about even just one of her patterns. But, wouldn't you know it, she's been awfully busy these past few three months! As of today, she has three new patterns!
Tessellated Pullovers is another riot of colourwork fun (with herringbone and houndstooth options!)
Gemstone Wristers and Pixelated Palms are both cute colourwork pieces, demonstrating her strength with this technique and eye for combinations. I'm really looking forward to seeing what she designs next!

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Hey friend! Love Jennifer's designs too.

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