Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fawned; A New Pattern

I think scarves have gotten a bad reputation.

Whenever you talk to someone who's a new knitter, they sum up their skills derogatorily as "only" being able to knit a scarf.
Those many years ago when I began knitting, the talk was always about moving on from scarves. They're just a starting point, and if you want to be serious you're going to want to knit more important and interesting stuff.

I'm here to say: I think scarves are fun, very functional, and can most certainly be interesting!

Here's Fawned, my latest pattern. It's included in Knit Pick's fall 2015 Northwoods collection (alongside some wonderful patterns!)
On Ravelry

Fawned is designed to be a little wider and a touch longer than your average scarf. Great for wrapping around your neck!
It also has the added fun of pom poms. YES! Pom poms. You know you love them. And here, they're also quite a functional element: they keep the ends of your scarf hanging down, and thus less likely to blow away and in your face this chilly season. Bam! Design element as functional fun!

The cables meander from one pointed end to the other, surrounded by a cozy pair of plains of seed stitch.

Want to knit Fawned? Join the KAL in the Canary Knits group on Ravelry. You can win priiiiizesssss!

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