Monday, October 20, 2014

Fire Hair!

For years, and with varying success, I've tried to get myself fire hair.
These failed and disappointing attempts were all so because (at least, I believe it's because) it was ME doing the dyeing, and not a professional.

Enter the professional!
Foil head!

While I dig the idea of a full head of fire hair (my pinterest board is no joke, people!), I wanted to see how the professional's dye would behave on my hair before I went all-out. I elected to just dye the bottom section of my hair, from the ears down.

The dye they used is called Elumen, and I've been promised that it sticks in your hair like mad.
My hair is a medium-dark brown, so to get the intensity of colour I was looking for, it needed to be bleached out.
Bleached and ready for colour!

The colour itself only sat on my hair for about 20-30 minutes. And wowzers! Did the yellow ever turn out great! I'm less impressed with the red and orange, though have been promised that with successive dyes they'll be much more saturated colours.
The pixie magic that is stylists' styling.

It remains to be seen if I'll do my whole head in fire hair. The prospect is exciting. I'll keep you in the loop with the behaviour of this Elumen dye. I really hope it sticks! Cause fire hair rocks!

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Leah said...

It looks so crazy awesome. You have really good hair anyway, but I love the firey bottoms!

(that sounds painful... you know what I mean)