Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween is the Greatest!

Coming in #1 as my favourite holiday is Halloween.
There's ample evidence of this preference on this here blog.
And usually I make my costume. I LOVE making my costume. And, I suppose, in a round about way, I did make my costume for this year.

I've decided to dress up as Lucy Ricardo. My mom's going as Ricky. Bam! Family costume! (Really, the biggest reason I wanted her to go as Ricky was because of the little wee conga drum I bought from her in Cuba last year. Score for early costume buying!)

As you can see from these Lucy pics, she's got a big skirted, blue polka dot dress. Serendipitously, I've already sewn myself a retro blue polka dot dress. Bam! Half costume done!

The other half will consist of ridiculous red lipstick and a big blazing red wig that isn't particularly accurate but will have to do.

And as always, I'm planning a big shindig for Halloween.

How about you? Are you dressing up? What are you going as?

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