Friday, October 10, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Melissa Schaschwary
Blog: dandilion girl designs
Rav ID: dandiliongrl
Some Great Designs: dandiliongrl's Rav Designer Page

This week's designer has over 100 patterns, which I'm sure you'll understand, made it difficult for me to choose what to talk about!

I'll keep it to the women's garments and accessories, but you need to know that she has a great collection of knits for kids and a few for men, too.

Oh man, I love this one: Chateau. Just look at that glory of batwing-y, cabled goodness. You know you want one too. You can totally imagine walking down a tree-lined lane in this beauty that is October wearing this knit. SO gorgeous.

And in a leap to a totally different time of the year, North Fork is a softly summer tee with wide stripes. While it might be a simple top down raglan, it has a cute bit of short-row ingenuity with a split hem, keeping this piece seamless and fun to knit.

Finally, River Edge is a hat that would make a fantastic gift. Its textured surface is great for both solid and variegated yarns, but I bet you'll want to keep one for yourself (or, you know, just knit tons of them!)

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