Friday, October 03, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Nicole Montgomery
Blog: Behind the Scenes at Trappings and Trinkets
Rav ID: colie75
Some Great Designs: colie75's Rav Designer Page

There's a lot to show you with this week's designer, so point-form it is! But first, an introduction:
With dozens of patterns for adults and children, colie75's designs can carry you all through the year!

Beekeeper's Tank: I love the loose and flowing lines of this sleeveless top. And the honeycomb detail at the neckline is so sweet!

Siesta Tee: A breezy mesh top, perfect for walking along the beach.
(and I had to include a second one):
Summer Vines: a textured and handsome sleeveless tank.

Orchard Pullover:(pictured) Super pretty! I think maybe I'm a sucker for a good cable combination, but this sweater is so great! I dig the neckline, too.

Snowy: This is a delicately colourworked slouchy hat, that I think would look equally well on a man or a woman.


kingshearte said...

Just wanted to say happy day tomorrow! Relax and have fun, and remember that the only truly required element for the day to be successful is that you end up married by the end of it. Everything else is just details. And don't forget to eat!

Linda said...

Best wishes for your wedding today!!! I have enjoyed watching you prepare and seeing all your lovely plans. You are such a delight, warm, and giving person. Wishing you all the best!!

Denise from Hamilton said...

Great designs! All were great and really like the spring top and the slouchy hat.

mel said...

Hope your wedding was the beautiful day that you deserved! Every good wish for a long and happy marriage!