Monday, September 22, 2014

Wedding Prep: Chocolate Spoons and Two Weeks to Go!

I've spoken briefly about my upcoming wedding before, but with LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, I thought I'd give you an update from Wedding Prep HQ.
(FYI, linky to pinterest wedding board. Just in case you're interested).

It's a cavalcade of fun stuff happening over here.

There's the raw materials for the corsages and boutonnieres.
Hopefully more to come on them soon. I have plans involving sewing machines.

There's the Thank You sign from this cute photo idea.
How did I make that?
Years ago, for some unknown and uninspired reason, I cut stiff felt into a pile of circles and glued scrap fabric from this costume dress. They sat around unloved until I had a light bulb idea, spurred on by my determination to maintain budget and a low-level of extra effort (read: laziness).
I purchased the pack of glittery letters from Michaels and just hot glued them on, along with a backing of jute twine.
Just: remember to place the letters face down and in reverse order. Or else you'll glue them all down, hold it up, and have a great sign that says ! U O Y K N A N T

The favours will consist of edible yums, including the above pictured extra gingery gingerbread, and pre- and post-chocolate covered spoons below.

I made a few visits to my local Value Village and picked up these spoons. The chocolate was melted in a double boiler (important to get it the right consistency) and dipping them was actually way more fun than you might think.
They're actually sitting on their wax paper rests, drying as I type.

I didn't have much of a clue about the (cup)cake toppers. I knew I wanted something cute, but not a fortune. Particularly as I had so damn many bits of crafting crap that I've accumulated over many years.
So, you'll recognize these glitterly letters from the Thank You sign above. Again, my good friend the hot glue gun strikes. Just stuck down some round sticks and I'm done.

Well, for now. I still have banners and signs and corsages and bouquets and centrepieces and....


Christine said...

What an exciting time for you. Just make sure you really enjoy every minute of the Big Day : )

kingshearte said...

Can't wait to see pictures of how everything comes together!