Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Podcast Panel; Or, I Got all Embarrassed n Stuff

Last weekend, I participated in a podcaster's panel at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter's Fair.

I was highly flattered to be included in the company of the Knit 1 Geek 2 ladies and Sasha Torres of The Spin Doctor.

It was fun!, if, you know, a bit embarrassing. Which surprised me, as I thought I had psyched myself up into believing it was "the same thing" as touring visitors in the museum where I work. Something I do all the time! So, I thought the skill might be transferable. But apparently not!

It was also really cool to meet the faces attached to the voices I've become so used to listening to over the last few months. Some of the emotion was that star-struck feeling, but some of it was a bit of embarrassment. And upon reflection, I think that embarrassment is because of the intimacy of radio (well, podcasting, but they're in essence the same thing). Radio/podcasting is a voice, invited into your home. Listened to closely. And in some way other minds must likely have dwelt on to a great extent, it's not quite the same thing as video. There's a presence to the voice that there isn't with the visual of a video. Maybe it's just more clear to our brain that a video is artificial, whereas a voice can be somehow more present?
I'll stop myself there, because wow, I'm going down a too-steep path there.

Anyhows, the panel was recorded, and I'll have it up here on the blog as well as a special podcast episode in the near future.

One of the questions they asked was about how the podcast/blog has affected my knitting.
So I'm throwing that one out to you: Do you have a blog? Do you feel that it affects your knitting/crafting?


Fran said...

I do have a blog. I think it prompts me to complete my crafts in a timely manner so I have something worth posting. That being said, I wish I could get more done faster so I could post more and more frequently.

Congratulations on lecturing at the Fair! That is quite an honour. I'm sure you did well.

Ecochic said...

You were great on the panel at the Fair! I came mainly to see Knit1 Geek2, but was really impressed with the other podcasters in Southern Ontario, and am looking forward to following your podcasts! I have also faved a few of your patterns now on Ravelry. I look forward to being hooked on Canary Knits.

Denise from Hamilton said...

Unfortunately I missed your talk in Kitchener, so I look forward to you hearing it soon.

Anonymous said...

I have a blog too! I think it does affect my knitting and spinning a little bit, but definitely in a positive way. I find that readers encouraging me or voicing opinions makes me even more motivated to continue a project or feel proud of what I've made! I really, really love sharing my knitting with other people :)

The panel sounds like it was awesome, by the way!