Friday, September 12, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Carol E. Herman
Rav ID: cehermanator
Some Great Designs: cehermanator's Rav Designer Page

Texture! This week's designer has texture that speaks of autumn. Something about it gets me in the knitty, chilly, sittin-by-the-fireplace mood.

First up is the pictured Hood River Cowl. Its densely ribbed edge creates a firm fabric, that surrounds a brocade-looking stitch texture of X and O decorating the inner panel of the cowl. A very handsome accessory!

I love the way texture is used on this very cute I ♥ Oregon Dishcloth. I don't generally go weak at the knees for dishcloths, but I love this idea and can imagine that plenty of YOU would like to have one of each state (or province!) you've ever lived in or visited. Cool, eh?

Her Topiary Fingerless Mitts demonstrates how texture can be created through colour, and not only the real physicality of the fabric. The rhythmic patterns dancing across these colourwork mitts do indeed create a visual texture of their own.

Check out her latest designs: Route 66 Driving Mitts (love that texture! So cozy!) and My Sense of Direction Mitts.