Monday, September 01, 2014

The 80s Come to Roost

A short while ago, a friend of mine had a mini party wherein she busted out her fantastic collection of 80s toys and we played. We played like the five year old version of ourselves that we've always been.

Pony circle of power!


Did you know there was a SHEEP My Little Pony?
And it had balls of yarn as its symbol!
Remember these guys?

Do you collect anything? Yarn stash totally counts!


Fran said...

Cool! I did not know about the sheep.

kingshearte said...

I've had the sea ponies song from the original My Little Pony movie stuck in my head since I first read this post...

Michelle said...

Heehee! I was way too mature for My Little Pony when it came out (the wise, old age of 9), so I never had any. I did have Dolly Pops, though. I was more into Star Wars and my brothers Legos and GIJoes that my parents would never have bought for me. Having a son helped me get that out of my system, mostly :)

Unknown said...

Applejack and Masquerade salute you from my office shelf. (And I might go looking for the sheep on ebay.)

Bonnie said...

I loved Sweet Secrets when I was little. They were like Transformers but stereotypically girlish: A hairbrush transforms to a car! A "jewel" transforms to a horse!