Monday, September 15, 2014


I first encountered Baah Yarns at TNNA last year.

If any of you have been to a large knitting convention, you'll know the feeling of wandering the aisles and being both excited and overstimulated, almost immediately. It's candy land! It's everything you've dreamed of, times twenty! But where to go first?

Where to go? Where to turn? Those are THE questions. There's so much amazingness that you start to scan. You start to realize, quite quickly, your yarnny preferences. Even if you didn't walk in there with a list or clear ideas, if you take a moment after the frenetic energy of the day subsides, you'll see that there were certain booths that you kept seeing first and returning to most. And there's certain reasons for it, too.

Baah Yarns was one of those booths. It was laid out wonderfully. It was draped in an enticing array of colours, with an attractive number of bases. It was filled with extremely friendly staff. And Mira Cole, the wonderful head over at Baah, kindly gave me a bag full of La Jolla in Obsidian and Sage to create a simple, cozy, autumn cardigan.

I've had the grand pleasure of working with this yarn over the summer, and I'm rounding the corner on release time for this pattern.

One of the things I've noticed while working with these colours is the fantastically earthy, stoic, harmony that they create together. Mira herself picked them off the rack as a great pairing, and I have to agree. Individually one might think the Obsidian would overpower the seemingly delicate Sage, but each colour has a strength and depth that work together to create a garment that recalls the quiteness of the outdoors in autumn. Of the last few days of the season, before any snow has fallen, and the rock and their mossy tops are still visible, stalwart in the face of the cold to come.

Romantic, but not untrue.
Whenever I've picked up this project I've had these late-autumn thoughts running through my head.

I can't wait to show you the finished cardigan!

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