Friday, July 25, 2014

Indie Designer Revisit

Designer: Christina Harris
Blog: doodles in string
Rav ID: Doodle
Some Great Designs: Doodle's Rav Designer Page
Original Indie Designer Post: January 21, 2011

Super quality is no surprise from this designer, and I'm certainly not surprised that her work has been published in both Twist Collective and Sweet Georgia Yarns since I first profiled her in 2011.

The piece in Twist Collective is Whirlpool, from Winter 2012. It's a beautiful, classic colourwork vest that can be worked either flat or in the round with steeks. (Eeek! Steeks! Such bravery and skill. One of these days I'll try them!)

Nest is the cozy, crew neck cardigan published with Sweet Georgia Yarn. Can you imagine how lovely that cardigan feels in that yarn? Perfect for something that snuggles right up to your neck, and shows off the textural panels on the front and back.

These are certainly not the only pieces she's published in the past three and a half years; she has a large number of self-published work as well, including one of my favourites and the most recent, Rhizome. I love how she describes it, "...a  sinewy cabled hat..." I agree!

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Julie said...

ooh, I haven't seen these designed before, they are amazing! I'm totally going to check out her blog now, too... thanks for introducing me to this fabulous designer!