Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Country Celebrations

© audreyandgem1
I've always thought it was interesting and cool that both Canada and the United States have their national holiday celebrations only days apart. Today is Canada Day and Independence Day is on Friday.

And what better way for me to have gotten geared up for Canada Day than to make myself a Canada Cool board on pinterest? There's some of my favourite Canadian stuff on there, plus a taste of the beauty of this country.

When are your country's national celebrations? If you mark these occasions, how do you celebrate?

1 This beautiful watercolour image is by the great Etsy artist audreyandgem. Find her shop here.


kingshearte said...

I love the idea of a Canada Cool board. I just might have to make one of my own...

Meredith MC said...

As an American, I will be "celebrating" Friday- this mostly consists of sedating my pets so they don't have a freakin heart-attack due to the anxiety of bombs going off all around them. Obviously, I'm not a fan. I do love the food and sun-drenched weather and the hanging out with friends. But when the sun goes down, I go home to comfort my furry friends (no, I'm not talking about the yarn stash :)

Meredith MC said...

PS Happy Canada Day!

formandreform said...

Our National day in Australia is 26 January. It marks the date that Australia was claimed as a colony. Like many Australians the day is tinged with a confusion of emotions as we have a strong population of original peoples - the first Australians who are not happy about the invasion and generations & generations on are still suffering displacement and cultural struggles. It's a hard day to celebrate as a compassionate white person, but also difficult to know what to replace it with!