Friday, May 30, 2014

Indie Designer Revisit

Designer: Leah Coccari-Swift
Blog: Ruby Submarine
Rav ID: RubySubmarine
Some Great Designs: RubySubmarine's Rav Designer Page
Original Indie Designer Post: November 18, 2011

I really, really like RubySubmarine's style. It's exciting, colourful, fun, and wearable. And always with an edge of interesting shape and style.

I'm so glad that I'm profiling her now, because she's got a bunch of great stuff for this increasingly-warm part of the year that you can (and should!) knit for yourself.

Her ebook, Married to the Sea, is a fantastic companion to this season. Filled with great summery designs, this collection has you covered from accessories to garments and even housewares! The pictured Octo shawl is an eight-pointed, three-coloured piece of lovely, elegant knitting. Her photography makes you see yourself with these knits, happy on the beach, happy in the sunshine.
And because I like them so, and want to make it extra easy for you to see the other patterns in this collection:
Dolman Tunic Pullover
Urchin Shell Hat
Tidal Cowl
Arms Pillow

Feast your eyes on the Double Deco shawl. This is a great colour-blocking bit of fun. And of course, you can alter this to reflect your own colour preferences, but I think the pattern sample has colours that just make me think of the seaside and relaxed, warm summer days.

Speaking of the seaside... Baby Octopus and Squid! Enough said.

I'm sure by now I've convinced you of the solid awesomeness that is RubySubmarine's work. Go check out the rest of her stuff! And here comes the summer!

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