Monday, June 02, 2014

Yarn and Camping and Florescent OH MY!

My friend owns a yarn shop.
And it's about a ten minute walk from my house.
This is the happiest sort of danger you can concoct.

In one of my many "visit friend at shop and shop at friend's visit" afternoons, I picked up the gorgeousness of florescence you see here.
I'm a bit concerned that these photos can't convey to you the glory of the shine coming off this sucker. It's Manos Wool Clasica in Highlighter, which you may be able to see better in comparison to their other colours here.

I've had this yarn decorating my coffee table for weeks now. I bought it in a fit of happiness after having booked my camping trip for mid-August, and so had that vacation on my brain. It was a handy excuse/reason to buy this yarn, but now I can't really figure out how 126 metres of aran weight yarn will become something wearable for August camping.

I pose the question to you:
Camping + Highligher Manos = ?
I'd love to hear your suggestions!


MrsZuvers said...

A headband, brimmed hat (though the yardage may be a stretch)to keep the sun out of your face, or fingerless mitts for chilly nights, in the tradition of these:

Or you could always make some statement jewelry to wear while biking. No one will miss you if you are wearing something made out of highlighter yarn.

Elena Knits said...

Probably you'll have enough for a cowl or a hat.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I say a nice cozy shrug if you have enough yardage - something to keep your shoulders warm when the sun goes down.