Wednesday, May 07, 2014

TNNA Recap

I don't know how I made the words come out of my mouth, considering the significant lack of sleep I'm still feeling, but I published a podcast yesterday evening about my TNNA weekend. Have a wee listen here.

And, if you're in to photos, here's some for ya!

In the Polika booth with Jean Chung, Krista of Rain City Knits, Emma Welford and Claire Sandow.
Me and the super talented Allyson!

Holla Knits crew! Mari Chiba, me, Emma, Jean, and Claire.
Some of the goodies and sights from this weekend! From top left:
bright yarn in the Rowan booth, beautiful decor in The Yarniad's booth, sweet sweet chocolates from Imperial Yarn, Ahh! It's a dino!, delicious shake from Steak n Shake, Anzula's dreamy display, some freaking adorable kits from Red Gate Stitchery, and some soothingly-scented lotion bars from Milk and Honey.

I'll have more to say about products and fun stuffs from TNNA in future podcast episodes. Care to listen in? Just subscribe through iTunes to Canary Knits, or grab the RSS feed.

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Hilary said...

It was, as always, so great to see you, Teresa! And thank you again for the best baby gift EVER. :) I still get a little choked up when I think about it!