Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dress Success!

I wondered a while back if I could get this dress sewn in time for early May and TNNA.
And I did it! But for some fool reason, just didn't feel like bringing it along with me that weekend.

As you can see from the pics of the pattern (which is New Look 6699) this dress comes with options a-plenty.

What I like about it:
  • Comfortable! I did that thing I've learned to do and cut fabric for a size 10 when, according to the measurement chart, I should really be a size 12. And it fits! It's a wee, wee bit loose around the waist, but my middle is appreciating that fact as I've been enjoying the wonderful delights from the plethora of irresistible restaurants in my city.
  • I really, really like the little gathers for the bust, rather than darts. I've had some issues with bust sizing, and I've finally invested in an inexpensive french curve set, so that I can experiment with full bust adjustments.
Dress form - yay!

What I'll change next time I sew it:
  • Now that I know how extensively looooong they've designed the skirt, I'll make it about 5" shorter than the pattern.
  • I'll likely try the narrow skirt option next time, instead of the full one you see here.
  • Make the (likely very quick) adjustment of nipping in the waist a bit.
  • And, most importantly, add pockets! I feel so lost without pockets!
I've also realized that there's another basic adjustment I may have to learn to make: the straps sit sort of funny on my shoulders. They don't lie flat, and tend to feel like they're always slipping off.
Now, I'm no expert, but I'm wondering if this means that I have a slightly more sloped/angled shoulder than the standard the dress is designed to? 

Now, don't laugh at me, this is how I learn: I just jump in and try to fix stuff in (what might be) totally incorrect and goofy ways. So, upping my bravery, I'm posting this photo of my attempts to pin that strap flat.
I'm sure you won't be surprised to hear that it didn't work, no matter how many combinations I tried or times those damn pins poked me. I fear pins. Evil little things.

So yes, it is sewing season! I have plans. Ridiculous amounts of fabric and plans. Watch this space for more novice sewing adventures!


Elena Knits said...

That's a fabulous dress. For the next look up "sloping shoulders alteration" on internet and you should find information about this adjustment. I had to do it a couple of times and it's an easy one.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Lovely dress.
I have a hard time getting off the rack dresses that fit and I'm just figuring out how to make my own (and adjust the sewing patterns!)

kingshearte said...

Making one's own clothes is kind of a funny thing when you get started with it, I'm finding, as it seems you are. Because none of us are shaped the same way, we get fed up with trying to buy off the rack, so we decide to make our own. However, it turns out that making something from a pattern without any adjustments is pretty much like buying something off the rack. But damn, once we figure out exactly how to adjust those patterns to fit our own bodies, we'll be unstoppable!

Now I just have to get my sewing machine fixed...