Friday, May 16, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Jana Huck
Blog: Janukke Strickdesign
Rav ID: janukke
Some Great Designs: janukke's Rav Designer Page

This week's designer has so much for me to share! I'm going to try to keep it brief, and give you some of my favourites from her design portfolio:

The Muk Collection has three fantastic knitterly exercises in shape, simplicity, and stitch: the Muk Hat, Scarf, and Cuffs. It was a tricky decision, but I chose the hat as the feature image for this post because I think it best shows her great understanding of the great effect of a subtle shape.

I love a simple, top-down shawl, and Melange is a great pattern for just this. Described as having a drapey, wing-like shape, this piece also features short rows - which I always love!

Don't miss Wellenschlag. I'll let janukke's description tell you about it: "On the first side you will work patterned sections and plain stocking stitch short row wedges alternately. They are complemented by a garter stitch triangle on the second side. The curly fringes are worked as you go. No extra loose ends to weave in!"
It's cool; check out the pics.

She has lots of great patterns, but I'll just end off with this bit of fun: On the Shore. Possibly one of the most complex blankets I've ever seen, I'm sure you'd love creating a knit with ribbed sting rays and a finished object that is more quilt-like than not.

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kingshearte said...

OMG, that blanket is amazing. I don't know how it even occurs to someone to make a knitted blanket out of an Escher drawing, let alone figure out how!