Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gardening DONE (well, sorta...)

I've made it somewhat of a tradition to talk on here about my gardening (mis)haps.
And indeed, 2014 shall be no different!

Well, yeah, it's different.
It's different insofar as I'm not really planning on going into much veggie gardening this year. As it is, I have quite a small garden, but also, I've got ideas that I'll be growing all the flowers for my wedding in October. I figure devoting as much soil to that end as possible is a wise move.

There are the errant garlic bulb and tomato seed that were left from last year, but aside from them, it's MARIGOLDS ALL THE WAY, BABY!

And so when I saw that this past Monday's weather was going to be ridic warm, I seized the opportunity to grab a few perennials, clean up the remnants of 2013, put out all remaining garden furniture, and enjoy the day.

Photo above, from top left: crazy warm!, one of my favourite perennials in the yard, the first flowers of 2014, my nails match my swatching yarn!, kicking back with a beer, and a rogue tulip amongst the strawberry patch.

What are you gardening this year?

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kingshearte said...

Ooh, that's ambitious. I hope you've picked flowers that are in season in October.