Friday, May 09, 2014

Indie Designer Day

Designer: Michael Dworjan
Rav ID: Aptenoknits
Some Great Designs: Aptenoknits' Rav Designer Page

I have to say I'm a bit inspired by the knitting ethos of this week's designer: " I like to pioneer new techniques, especially if they’re thought to be impossible."
Brave! And I can certainly understand the drive, myself.

And you can see that interest in both of his pieces I'll feature here:

The pictured Six Braid Wedding Ring Scarf includes the advanced techniques of double-knitting colourwork (making this a reversible scarf) and cables. Inspired by his wedding ring, this scarf's tracery-like cables intertwine physically through colour and texture. It's beautiful on its own, and fascinating to imagine knitting. But fear not; if you've never attempted these techniques, but need one of these scarves for yourself, he's included a photo tutorial.

Flipping For Pine Cones: This is a double-knitting and lace scarf. Yep, double-knitting AND lace. It creates a really cool effect that I'm quite a fan of.
Exciting ETA!

Latest news from the designer:

Beetles and Combs is his latest piece, and it's a bulky weight reversible and versatile wrap. I love that texture! And can you believe this: it's designed so that there's lace on one side and cables on the other. How cool is that?!

Look for a new pattern from Aptenoknits in the coming months in Love of Knitting magazine, and one with Cephalopod Yarns! Ooo, I love their stuff. Looking forward to seeing them!

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kingshearte said...

Ooh, I like that scarf. There are lots of pretty cabled/colourwork/lace scarves out there, but this one totally solves the back-of-the-scarf issue. Awesome.