Monday, May 19, 2014

I Got Dressed Up, So Here's Some Pics!

Last weekend was a very fun one! My little brother, who I imagine is little no longer, was married.
I had so much fun, in fact, I'd like to share a few pics with you all.
There are, admittedly, ZERO links to knitting here. Just some images of fun.

My brother and new sister-in-law.

From top left: pretty centrepieces! / Me and MY dude. Our date is rapidly approaching! /THIS, right here, is possibly the greatest party idea ever. Shots of creamy, delicious liqueur in CHOCOLATE CUPS! Wowza! My only regret is getting my greedy mitts on but two of them. / and finally, guess who's clutch THAT is :)

Family pics, via photographer Delicate Impressions


Hilary said...

So pretty!!! I LOVE your dress. And your hair. Dressing up is fun. :) Congrats to your brother! And when is your wedding date?

Teresa said...

Thanks! It's October 4. I've got a countdown :)