Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Knot Tying 101; Or, How Wedding Planning Comes Along

After much research1 I've made some decisions regarding my wedding next year. Herein lies the first of what may turn out to be one, or rather many, Canary's-Getting-Married posts.

I have to admit, it was something of a decision for me whether or not to impose wedding gleefulness on a purportedly knitting/craft focussed blog, but I'm having loads of fun planning! The glee cannot be contained.

And truly, while I'm happy to be marrying the dude, yada yada yada, I'm looking forward to a grand excuse reason to craft to my crafty heart's content.2 And a kickass party.

Being something of a clotheshorse, the dress was tackled first. I thank greatly Julie at Team Knit for her post earlier this year re: her beautiful wedding. You've been inspirational and informative. Merci bien! Her post led me to the website where I found my dress.

Now, to dispel some silliness re: weddings. I had no "ohmigawd-magic-this-is-the-dress" moment. No siree. Methinks this is something of legend. Instead, I did me my homework and knew going in that I did not want süber bling, anything overwhelming, the promise of my firstborn for down payment, and definitely nothing strapless (btw, good luck to all looking for something outside this box. If you are, the interwebs are your friend. The cookie-cutter bride is raging in my locale, wherein it seems the stereotypical gown is requisite for one and all. If you ask at the shop for anything different, they just might give you the confused-Scooby-Doo-whatchoo-talkin'-bout face.)

Bizarrely, the dress I purchased is actually the first one I tried on. I humoured the sales attendant by trying on two she picked out for me, but I certainly wasn't having any sequin-encrusted nightmare claustrophobically enclosing my body.

I started out being certain that I wanted a tea length dress. But it occurred to me that I would surely never have a reason to wear a wedding gown again, whereas a lovely tea-length dress could be trotted out for various and sundry occasions. So here's the dress as sported by a statuesque Spanish model.
Pronovias makes lovely gowns, and I was very happy to see that this particular style (Diamante) flatters many different body types (just google Pronovias Diamante. All those sporting it look fantastico.)

It lives on the back of my closet door now, because I'm nervous to go to the seamstress. Very nervous. I'll spill my heart out here and divulge that I'm afraid they'll kill it. I'm also afraid they'll tell me I'm too short to wear it. Yes, it's true. Munchkins aren't allowed to wear flat shoes and full-length wedding gowns, as I've come to learn.3 This dress has to come up about 10". No joke. So, if my dress isn't killed I'll do a happy dance and let you know it lives still.

I do have a question for you: I'm not a veil person, and so am nixing that part of the ensemble. Instead, I'm leaning towards a silk flower in my hair, possibly with feather adornments. Not sure yet.
Considering this dress, what would you wear in your hair? Head band? Tiara? No hair adornments at all?

If you aren't sick of my wedding-glee, I'll have to show ya'll my shoes and jewellery next.
1 by this, I mean magazine perusal, blog a-readin' and copious book skimming

2 The goodness of the dude and compatibility of the match can be summed up in his canny comment, "this is just a big crafting project for you, isn't it?"

3 Unfortunately, there are many people who don't hide the fact that they think you're doing something "wrong" when planning your wedding. Most people are lovely, but there are a few who make you feel like poo.


Theresa B said...

It feels really good to do your wedding the way you want it and disregard the pooers!

I vote for the silk flower - or a real one if that's possible. Without knowing what you look like but going by the dress, do a simple loose bun, low on your head, with a large gardenia at 10:00.

julie mack said...

Huzzah for wedding planning! I think it's great that you found your dress without much distress.

As for hair adornment, i highly recommend a fascinator. I might be bias since I wore one for my wedding in april. I wish I could wear that dang thing everyday. And actually, the shrug I am wearing is your Hew pattern. :)

Anonymous said...

I looooved my tailor. But she cost a fortune. She cost almost as much as the dress ($600 for the dress $450 for the alteration). I think they mark up for wedding gowns. And don't forget, once you go in, you can say, no I don't like what you plan to do to my dress, thankyouverymuch and just leave. And if you're *really* worried, don't pay all up front. So shop around...

I second a fascinator. They're neat.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It is shameless self promotion, but I think this would look lovely with your dress (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=14010684) and i can make them custom.

However, I have been to many weddings (I do photography as well) and one of the bride shad a beautiful hair piece with was just a simple snap clip decorated with feathers, peals and silk flower, tucked up on the left side of her updo. It was very elegant and not over the top.

patricia said...

Is that really your dress? I'm sure you'll look wonderful and don't let people tell you otherwise. And bring on the shoes etc. Are you going to knit something to wear at your wedding?

Andrea said...

You aren't too short to wear it, the designer just made it too long in order to fit a wider range of women. :)

I like the idea of the large flower instead of a veil if that's what you'll prefer, the style of the dress would allow it and give you more of a Spanish Flamenco look.

melanie said...

Love the dress, and it will look great on you!

Are you planning on wearing a necklace, earrings? That may affect what you decide for your hair. Also, how do you want to wear your hair?

For knitwear, I made my sis the I do shrug, and it looked great. Of course, I got married 11 years ago and did not knit back then; I so wish I had knit something for my wedding.

Good luck with the planning.

Wendy said...

I like the flower in the hair idea. I think it'll all look great on you. And poo on the people who make you feel like poo... it's your day, do what YOU want!

Lindsay said...

Pretty! So glad there is someone else out there looking for non-blingy gowns with straps.

Lately I've been watching wedding shows, and there's a kind of tiara/wreath that people are wearing lately that looks pretty and elegant

yoel said...

The veil, you have to try on to see if you love it or not. Good veils do frame the face all pretty and bride-like. On the other hand, a fascinator is pretty awesome too! Maybe one for the ceremony, the other for the reception?

Ellen said...

I'm glad you're posting about the wedding details, it's so much fun to read!
The dress is gorgeous, and I'm sure you'll look amazing in it. :)
I vote for the silk flower too. Sounds perfect. :)

Rosie said...

A headband would be awesome, but I really like your idea of a silk flower. I love the dress by the way. You were lucky to find a nonstrapless dress!

P.S. I know all about "those people" who become their mean, ugly, monster selves the second they hear about a wedding happening.

Carol said...

I bought the first dress I tried on too! Tried on other ones, Didn't like em. As for shoes, I wish I had seen this before my wedding, but...i saw a bride with a really snazzy pair of canvas running shoes she had decorated to match her dress. Looked sharp.

Diana said...

Love the wedding posts. I too am planning my wedding next year and will love hearing about yours.
My sister-in-law attached beautiful purls to the end of pins she stuck in her hair as it was gathered back in a tasteful way. It was a beautiful detail that looked so different. Simple, yet elegant. Cannot wait to hear about the rest.

Fel said...

The dress is gorgeous! Simple and elegant. You'll look really lovely. :)
A friend of mine had a veil that simply hung down her back (it was fastened below her bun). Very simple and also very lovely.
However, I second the idea with the silk flower. Could also be feathers/pearls...fastened sideways I'm sure it would look amazing. :)
(And btw - more wedding posts, please! :D)

neferatowen said...

Thank you! Someone else who doesn't want to go strapless, I needed straps even if they were thin straps. I got funny looks from the store people and my friends :P

When we first announced our engagement, it was followed by "have the wedding you want, don't let anyone tell you what to do"... I'm not sure where that went after a few months for some people. I was toying with the idea of not having a veil, but my mom insisted I had to have one. I was only able to compromise so that it was a veil that just stayed in the back and not one that went over my face. That was just one of the many things my mom insisted that we MUST have. I did win on a couple things. Beware - family are the worst culprits :P

I like the idea of the flower. That will be really pretty :)

Also you already know this but get everything in writing!

"this is just a big crafting project for you, isn't it?" - awesome! sounds like a really good match :)

Hilary said...

Yay wedding stuff! I will love reading this. Your dress is just gorgeous (what a pretty shape!) and I'm sure it will be fine taken up several inches. I can totally see a flower/feather combo with it, or even a big silk flower on its own.

Kai said...

Congratulations!!! :D

I love, love, love the dress you've chosen and I would say that a simple hair adornment is plenty... I like the flower in hair scenario, esp if you're wearing your hair up!

Ignore the pooh-pooers... you enjoy the planning and organising and pick what you like. It's your wedding!

petra said...

Congrats on the upcoming wedding! The dress is so elegant! I am also not a veil kinda gal, so I opted not to wear anything but 1 tiny silk flower in my hair. Something like this would look perfect with the dress. Can't wait to see what you decide...

Sally said...

I know what you mean about cookie-cutter bridal gowns. I was insistent I wanted a knee length gown and luckily one of my close friends at the time was a textiles teacher and made my dress exactly as I wanted it. I went to a couple of wedding shops but couldn't find anything remotely close to what I wanted - nothing above floor length, for a start!

Regarding head decorations, do you know how you'll wear your hair yet? That's probably the decision to make before picking something out. I had a tiara, and a feathered clip with some fabric from my wedding dress at the back, but I didn't wear my hair all up.

Misty said...

I just got married in December, and originally I was sure I didn't want a veil either. But I found that I felt like I was just wearing a white dress without the veil, and not a wedding dress. So I ended up borrowing a veil from a friend who had already been married for a few years and wearing it on the back of my head with the comb tucked into my chignon. None of this "cover the face of the woman" nonsense for me. Not when I spent so much time trying to be beautiful that particular day. If you haven't tried your dress with a veil, you might consider giving it a shot just to be sure that's what you want. Otherwise, I personally think the flower would be nicer than the tiara, but that's because I'm rather tired of the "pretty pretty princess" bride look.

FilleAinee said...

I would just be terrified with all the wedding and planning thig, so I'm in great admiration for !!!!!!
Now for the flower, I 100% agree with the flower. I'm wearing a Chanel silk flower brooch somewhere on me in any circumstance, and If you change your mind about the hair, it will look great at your waist, bracelet, garter, pouch, husband, keyring ...
Good luck !!!

Siga said...

How about a real flower? I had 3 roses in my hair during the wedding (can mail you a photo if you're interested), by the end of the night there was only 1 left, but that looked great as well. ;-)

Paula said...

This dress is so pretty! Such a nice change to see something other than the tank top dresses EVERYONE seems to be wearing regardless of their size!
Very pretty anyways!

tara said...

Hey, I personally would be all for feathers, but I've always been a bit non-traditional. It does definitely depend on how you want to wear your hair and any other jewelry.

I look forward to reading about your planning!

Team Knit ! said...

How is it that I *just* saw this post now??! Thanks for the shout out, and I love your wedding post!! I can't wait to see more of your wedding posts as it gets nearer. And your man is right- it IS a huge craft project!!

How is the flower coming along?


Cassiemarie said...

That is such a beautiful dress!! congrats on the purchase! As for the hair I would go for flowers with your hair half up, that way you have something in your hair, and then the sexy punch of having your hair partially down. :)